The ECO-EGCTM systems can be combined with ECO-CDFTM Catalytic Dry Filter or ECO-DOCTM Diesel Oxidative Catalyst reactor.
The ECO-CDFTM (Catalytic Dry Filter) technology provides the removal of soot and dust upstream the scrubber offering many benefits and higher efficiencies: 
  • Significant reduction of black smoke in the exhaust gas emission
  • Virtually no heavy metals in the exhaust gas (with ECO-CDFTM)
  • Superior wash water quality in terms of PAH, hydrocarbon and turbidity
With the ECO-CDFTM Catalytic Dry Filter, installed up-stream of the economizer, the exhaust gas flow is first pre-treated. This innovative approach improves the removal of particulate matter, along with uncombusted hydrocarbons, prior to gas treatment in the scrubber with sea water.
The sea water discharged from Ecospray’s ECO-EGCTM system does not require any cleaning treatment.
In addition, the ECO-CDFTM improves the efficiency of the existing economizer while reducing plugging of the heat exchanger pipes. Accordingly, less maintenance is required, reducing operating costs.
The catalytic filter and the oxidative systems have been developed in collaboration with Haldor Topsøe.